This article is about the RedPower 2 item. For the IC2 equivalent, please see BatBox.

The Battery Box stores Blutricity. It stores a large amount of blulectric power, allowing any machines that require blulectric power to operate. 

The Battery Box block texture has a blue bar on its sides, a rough indicator of the current level of storage. Power is accepted and transmitted on almost all sides. Use Blue Alloy Wire to get the blutricity in and out of the battery boxes.

Applying a redstone signal to a Battery Box will stop it from supplying power.


Crafting GUI.png

BT Battery

BT Battery


Wooden Planks


Blue Alloy Ingot

BT Battery

BT Battery

Iron Ingot

Battery Box

Active Storage

This is the left side bar. This is an indicator of the active storage of that machine. When the active storage reaches about 3/4, power starts to flow into the surplus storage; if the active storage is less than 3/4 then the power flows back. The two slots on the right are for charging and discharging batteries.

Surplus Storage 

This is the right side bar. The two arrows indicate the flow of power between the two storages. 

Video Tutorials

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