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The Auto-Spawner is a machine from the MineFactory Reloaded mod (as of Tekkit Lite v0.6.1).

The machine uses Mob Essence created from a Grinder (MFR) as well as Minecraft Joules (BuildCraft power) to automatically spawn mobs or creatures.


To use the machine you need to capture a mob (Villager, Animal, Hostile Mob, etc) using a Safari Net. Once you have captured the mob in the Safari Net, place it in the Auto-spawner (in the only available slot).

When powered and supplied with Mob Essence the Auto-spawner will create the selected mob as long as it has met both the necessary essence and power requirements.



Block Spotlight - Minefactory Reloaded - Auto-Spawner09:14

Block Spotlight - Minefactory Reloaded - Auto-Spawner

This video (below) demonstrates how to use the Auto-spawner in a self-sustaining, automatic mob farm supporting all mobs capturable by a Safari Net . The below video may not meet tutorial standards for demonstrative videos. 
Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Automatic Mega Minefactory Reloaded Mob Farm MK229:46

Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Automatic Mega Minefactory Reloaded Mob Farm MK2

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