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The Aqueous Accumulator works if it is placed with two or more sides touching water source blocks (simply in a pool of water). As soon as that requirement it met, it will start filling up with water (it requires no power).

As soon as there is water inside the machine and at least one Waterproof Pipe or Liquiduct connected to any of the 5 possible outputs, it will automatically start pumping water out. It will eject the water at a rate similar to a BuildCraft Pump being powered by a couple of Redstone engines. Approximately one bucket every two seconds.

The Aqueous Accumulator will not function in the Nether, since there's no water there.


Crafting GUI.png


Tin Ingot


Machine Frame

Pneumatic Servo


Tin Ingot

Aqueous Accumulator

Raw Materials Needed
8 Grid Glass Glass
9 Grid Iron Iron
1 Grid Redstone Dust Redstone Dust
2 Grid Tin Tin
1 Grid Gold Ingot Gold Ingot


Aqueous Accumulator GUI




Minecraft Tutorial- Aqueous Accumulator04:03

Minecraft Tutorial- Aqueous Accumulator


Thermal Expansion wiki

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